The Laury Group, Inc.



About Us: The Laury Story

The Laury Group, Inc. was established in 1968 when Laury Ford Jeambon, who was Personnel Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the Sunday Editor of The New York Times, decided that even the best of all possible work worlds could be fraught with office politics. She decided to leave and work on her own. Combining her background in human relations with her executive and editorial experience, she became, in effect, her first "temp," offering employers her executive administrative skills on an as-needed basis. In no time at all, Laury was inundated with requests for "more Laurys" from former employers and current clients.

Setting up her office in a closet in her small studio apartment, Laury recruited professional friends for major corporations throughout the city, in a wide range of fields; many are still clients. The business that started as an independent secretarial registry blossomed into a full-fledged temporary and full-time service, providing employees with a wide range of skills.

The Laury Group's outstanding performance comes from hard work, a dedicated team of caring counselors and adherence to high principles of service - to both clients and employees. These factors have created a reputation for excellence that contributes to the firm's continuing success.

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