The Laury Group, Inc.



Benefits provided by The Laury Group, an affiliate of Gainor

Fringe Benefits:

Like vacations? Of course you do! At The Laury Group we offer 1 week (35 hours) of paid vacation after 1200 hours of continuous employment. The following conditions apply:

Salary Reviews

As you develop more skills, you will qualify for a greater range of assignments at a higher rate of pay. If your responsibilities increase, please keep us informed.

Overtime Pay

You are entitled to overtime pay at the rate of 1 1/2 times your regular pay rate for time worked beyond 40 hours per week. All overtime needs to be approved by your direct supervisor as well as your Laury Group counselor.

Cross Training

You are welcome to use our computer evaluation tutorials in order to enhance your skill set.

Client Referral Bonus

When you refer a new client to The Laury Group and that client utilizes our services -you will receive a one-time referral bonus of $100 after they have reached 70 hours of billing with our company. In order to qualify the client must verify that you referred them to The Laury Group. Please make sure that the new client has your name so we can give you your bonus.

Refer a Friend

Quality employees like you have helped us build our reputation as New York City's premier source for temporary staffing. We respect your judgment and would appreciate any referrals you would care to provide ... and we'll back up our appreciation with a BONUS for every referral you give us.

By referring applicants you can make extra money.

After someone you have referred has completed 70 hours on assignment you will receive:

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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