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Dear Laury - What Our Employees Say About Us

"My association with The Laury Group has been a long and gratifying one. The companies that Laury counts among its clients are of the highest caliber. No less important is the personalized attention I have always received; my needs and feelings have always been taken into consideration and I have invariably been treated with the utmost courtesy."

Mary Gazzola

"I was a temp with Laury in the past before I became a published author. There is little doubt in my mind that Laury Group is the best temporary service in New York."

Glyn Vincent

"A friend raved to me about The Laury Group as a temp service with a rock solid reputation that respects me and offers appropriate placements fast."

David Adjimi

"A friend highly recommended The Laury Group. First and foremost, they work with excellent clients. Not all temporary agencies have the ability to recruit good temporary help, let alone good clients, but The Laury Group is gifted in both areas."

Stephanie Buckley

"I've worked for The Laury Group for many years. They are a smaller agency, which means a close-knit group of people who actually remember your name and what you look like. This also means that they know your skill level and can accurately place you in a job setting that you will be able to handle."

Jenine Mayring

"Thank you for believing in me! For making me part of the Laury team! For giving me great assignments, constructive criticism and constant support. The warmth, honesty and humor you shared with me was always appreciated."

Marebeth Mooney

"I started working for the Laury Group in the beginning of 1999, right after I graduated from college. I can say with complete conviction that I owe a great deal of my happiness with New York to the Laury Group! From my first job to my permanent placement, working for the Laury Group both gave me the amazing combination of financial security and the freedom to pursue music and other interests as opportunities arose. I have met most of my best friends while on Laury Group assignments, learned something useful from every job I was placed in, had the fun of seeing a kaleidoscope of New Yorkers from the inside of offices, and came into contact with luminaries I would have otherwise never met - from Muriel Siebert to Pete Peterson (where I also got to meet Madeline Albright and other interesting individuals). Mostly, it was such a pleasure to work for a temp company where I really felt like I was appreciated and so very well taken care of. I love my job, and know that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to work here if I hadn't been placed in this position by the Laury Group and gotten my foot in the door. So thank you so very much for being such a wonderful company - I really can't say enough good things about my experiences working with you."

Erin Flannery

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